Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The New Kind of Flesh: "Slightly alter your tone with knowledge"

The idea that knowledge and tone are so closely related that one can actually generate (or simulate with perfect accuracy) knowledge by means of tone has long been of interest to me -- it matches the aspirations of a lifelong dilettante, most concerned with getting knowledge, and showing knowledge, as quickly as possible before going on to the next thing.  Even better, when the alteration of tone required to make knowledge evident (and, as well, the alteration of tone that would occur if I actually possessed that knowledge) is "slight," meaning only a little but also in the manner of a slight, as to say a slight I might to deliver to my audience or otherwise those who are meant to apprehend that the knowledge is mine.  Pronounced homonymously also with "sleight" as in "sleight of hand," knowledge simulated by a trick.

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