Monday, March 2, 2015

The New Kind of Flesh: "They flow in armies"

The new kind of flesh is a "they"; this follows from the sequence of statements.  It's like a school of fish, a school of flesh as it were, plural but sharing one substance.  But how you ask do they flow in armies?  Do armies flow?  Masses of invaders driving down the peninsula, a flood of them?  That's a kind of flow; a heavy flow, like a menses or like ravening little sperms.  And these armies might also be the armies of the Crusade or jihad, empire expanding and taking mental as well as territorial space.  But note that it's "they," not "we" who flow, despite the question having been asked of you by some sort of "me" or "we," the asking "me" or "we" implied grammatically by the question being asked in the second person.