Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The New Kind of Flesh: "They flow in theologies"

I had to remind myself, in the interim -- "they" are the kind of flesh.  In that respect, given the obvious Christian overtones, the parallel flowing in armies and theologies is consistent, orthodox, expected, and obvious.  The problem for me is that my life -- my days, really -- have involved so many backs and forths in relation to Christianity, that I'm not able to hold the language, the specialized language of the Christians, either inside or outside of myself.  I'm certainly an atheist now, today, have been for several years, but aside from the loss of mental lability, of which I'm barely aware as a "person," it still seems plausible that I could make another of those fearful transitions, plunging back into the valley of hell and superstition where I've dwelled before...

But now, to address the possibility of theologies flowing: the construction here doesn't require that theological flowing be anything like armies flowing, like men in teams, who jump, that is to say.  Or, to take a step back, to "flow in theologies" might not be the same thing as theologies themselves flowing -- in the former, theologies may be read to provide the iron structure within which the new kind(s) of flesh are what flow, and thus the theologies don't flow at all -- more in keeping with the rigidity of thought I would tend now to associate with theology, which must accomplish all of its imaginative musings under the watchful eye of the Lord.  Flowing theologies are perhaps most possible to atheists (though they might also be available to the Lord himself, by virtue of his Aquinan definition as both omniscient and omnipotent, creating stones big enough that he was unable to move them later on).

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